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MNA is committed to protect and respect your privacy in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Below, you will find our privacy statement

What is the activity of MNA?

M&A advisory is the activity of MNA. Our services are well described on our website:

Who are you and why would you like to co-operate with MNA?

For its operations, MNA co-operates with different kinds of parties, which each have their own motivation to do so:

  • Company Owners: are likely to transfer the shares or assets of their company at a certain time. Examples of motivation to do so may be age, illness, opportunity, liquidity and/or solvability issues. On the other hand, company owners can also have an acquisition strategy and may therefore be interested in acquiring other companies.
  • Investors: be it informal investors, holdings or more organized private equity companies, they are all looking for possible M&A opportunities to invest in or do want from time to time  to divest stakes from their portfolio, which also describes their motivation to co-operate with MNA.
  • Management-Buy-In candidates (MBI): are private people, who mostly have a management position in an industrial or commercial company or group, and want to buy themselves in a company as an active shareholder.
  • Expert-Advisors: a company owner is normally surrounded by people whom he/she trusts and are expert in fields such as M&A, accountancy, fiscal matters, auditing, legal matters, board membership and banking. Since M&A is often a once-in-a-lifetime event, these experts-advisors are often the first contact with the company owner in order to inform him/her about possible acquisition opportunities. Their motivation to co-operate is on the one hand to stay informed about the possible opportunities that could interest their clients and on the other hand to help MNA or their clients to realize M&A transactions.

Besides these specific parties, also the suppliers of products and services for a company with similar activity as MNA are also registered.

How does MNA collect information from you?

MNA legally collects information about you in different  ways, such as

  • Contact forms and landing pages on our website
  • Business cards that are being exchanged
  • Company databases
  • Telephone conversations
  • Online and office meetings
  • E-mail conversation

and provides you where feasible with the possibility to explicitly provide your consent with the present privacy statement.

What type of information is collected?

The information collected is

  • Personal data such as name, postal address, e-mail address, phone number(s)
  • Categorization as (i) a private individual, company representative or investor and (ii) field in which you are specialized
  • Short summary of knowledge, experience, curriculum, financial situation and profiling of the type of business the person is looking for.
  • Communication for which the person is subscribed, such as portfolio, newsletter and press releases.
  • When the person represents a company: link to the company data and function the person represents into that company.  
  • Contact information: notes summarizing a conversation or meeting.

MNA may also collect information such as whether you have read an email sent by us and what pages on our website are most often visited. That information is used to improve our communication and services.

How does MNA use this information?

MNA uses this information:

  • in order to be able to appropriately execute the assignments for its clients.
  • to inform on the one hand the proper persons within companies and on the other hand  investors, management buy-in candidates and expert-advisors regarding M&A opportunities that can interest them or their relations.
  • in order to have as good as possible a view on the different parties mentioned above within the market MNA is working and who are relevant for its business. This may also include qualitative information for amongst others preventing fraud.
  • to Inform the above mentioned parties about newsletters and closed transactions that MNA advised.
  • to follow-up on prospects.

In order to perform the goals described above, MNA analyzes your personal information in order to create a profile of interests and preferences so that you are contacted with information that is as relevant as possible to you.

How long does MNA keep this information?

In principle MNA minimally keeps the data it collects for the longer of following periods: the period necessary to perform and/or verify contractual obligations between the concerning party and itself or the period legally required; After this minimal period, MNA will keep the information until the concerning party requests to delete it or until MNA concludes the information is not relevant anymore (retirement, death, change of function, etc).

 Who has access to your information?

Unless the strict use of your information in the context of its own activity, MNA will not sell or share such information to/with any third parties.

When MNA is obliged to share your information with a third party by law, pursuant to government or regulatory requests or in response to a subpoena or other judicial process, this will not be seen as a violation of the previous paragraph.

Your choices

On all standard communication MNA sends to parties from which its holds information, there is a possibility to opt-out.

At any moment, any party can request MNA to know if it holds information about itself and ask to view, change or delete it, unless this information is necessary to perform and/or verify contractual obligations between the concerning party and MNA or this information must legally preserved or a subpoena or other judicial process prohibits MNA from giving access, change or delete this information.

Any requests in that regard can be addressed to

Security precautions to protect the loss, misuse or unwanted modification of your information

MNA makes its best effort to treat your information as secure as possible by physically and  digitally protecting our servers and network and by inputting, processing, storing, archiving and deleting information properly.

However MNA cannot fully guarantee the security of information provided to us, and the provider does so at his/her own risk.

 Transferring your information outside of Europe

MNA will only share your information with third parties outside Europe with respect to our activity and the services MNA offers that are related to it. MNA will request and does assume that any party outside the EU will comply with the GDPR rules by providing them the link to the present privacy statement and by requesting them to read it.

Transfer of MNA

If MNA is transferred or integrated with another business, your information may be disclosed to its advisors, or any prospective buyers and their advisors and will be passed on to the new owners of MNA.

Review of this policy

This policy may be updated from time to time be, so please check this page regularly to ensure that aware of these changes.

This policy was last updated in July 2018.

Contact information

Any questions regarding this privacy statement should be sent by email to or by writing to MNA nv, Ter Reigerie 11/1, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium, Europe att. of legal department.



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